7950 vs 7870

I'm buying a new GPU, and I can't decide which of these to get. I've decided the ASUS one is the best choice for me, quiet and great cooling performance, and these are the options price wise I've found.


Also here's the sapphire one for £7 cheaper:


With the 7950 I also get 3 free games (Games I wanted) which brings the price for just the gpu down to less than the 7870, so I see no downside to buying it. But I feel like im missing something, any advice?
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  1. The 7950 would be my choice and it is faster than the std one in the comparison http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/ASUS/HD_7870_Direct_Cu_II/26.html
  2. 7950
  3. 7950
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