Need advice on what to do with old parts, sell or build

I have an AMD 955 BE, motherboard, 4gb ram, and a cooler master hyper 212+ that are currently doing nothing. I have tried to sell them twice (at 165 20 shipping, maybe I'm asking too much, but for only like 100 i might as well keep it right). I just started a computer graphics engineering course, we are starting with CAD and will do a small amount, then we will shift gears to solid works. I was thinking about throwing some money at it and building a computer with an older fire pro or quadro card to better run solid works than my gaming pc. Is this worth it or should i just sell these parts? Or is there anything else i should look into doing with it? (I also have a 120gb ocz vertex, a 320gb samsung hdd[taken from mbp], i could probably get hold of a dvd drive for it, and was thinking of the cm 360 elite as the case since it comes with a 350w psu).

My current build is:
3570k 4.5ghz
radeon 7850 1100/1300
msi z77a-gd65
8gb 1600 mhz ram
128gb ssd
1tb hdd
750w psu
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  1. looks like you have some good parts to build a system,i think its often worth keeping and using hardware if it will handle the task you need to do,rather than take a loss by selling it very cheaply,that cpu is still good,you have most of the required parts,i would build and buy the few parts you need
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  2. If you really think that building another system for a few hundred dollars to run this program is worth it, do it. In my opinion though, if you won't be running the program for long or if it runs decently on your gaming rig already, I would just sell the parts.
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