Which way up Psu????

I have a seasonic 550w psu. Which way up do I put it??? Please help!
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  1. What is your computer case? :)
    I have the Seasonic G550 power supply and have mine placed upside down with the fan blowing upwards.
    I have a Fractal Design Define R4 Case.

    Usually it's best to have the fan on the power supply to blow upwards or sideways.
  2. Can you elaborate on this dilemma?
  3. Sorry for the brief question. I have a zalman z11 plus case. Not sure which way to put the fan?
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    Do you happen to have this?

    I have it myself too if that's the case, it's new and it's a good power supply. :)

    If your PC is on a clear and clean place I recommend to put it upside down so the power supply fan draws cool air from the bottom of your PC into the power circuitry and electronics in your power supply.
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