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Sorry if this is in the wrong section...

I would like to know the best mechanical keyboards out there for under 100$. If it's just above 100 I can do that. I want it for gaming and for it to last me a long time. I don't want a 50 $ P.O.S. board that's going to have keys breaking within the first few months. So any recommendations would be considered.

Few questions: Razer keyboards good?
The new cooler master quickfire keyboards any good? There is one thats about 70$, I don't know the model but I'm curious about it.

Thanks in advance and again sorry if its in the wrong section. :) Have a good day
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  1. So since I can't edit my post the CM quickfire keyboards are out of the question because I want a numerical pad and the beginning models don't have them. And the quickfire pro has terrible ratings on newegg.
  2. The Razer Keyboards are decent, but they're definitely not the best...there's many more out there that are MUCH better.

    I personally use the Razer Black Widow's a nice keyboard, but my wrists start to hurt after awhile due to the lack of a wrist wrest (can be remedied with a gel wrist rest from staples).

    My brother uses the Rosewill Cherry MX Red Mechanical keyboard. This keyboard definitely isn't the best either, but it gets the job done for a very reasonable price IMO ($80 ATM I believe). On a side note - I really like this keyboard for the Cherry MX Red switches :lol:
  3. +1 for Filco keyboards.
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    hi. there are different types of mechanical keyboards with different feel.

    blue switches - have the tactile feel (bump when you press the key) and are loud (clicky noise)

    brown switches - have the tactile feel but no clicky sound.

    black swithces - no tactile feel. they are "linear". The keys go straight down and up.

    Red switches - same as black but easier to press.

    Ive had a blue switch keyboard but the noise was driving me nuts so i switched to browns. They are my favorite thus far with black being my least favorite.

    filco is probably one of the best mechanical keyboards on the market. They are really sturdy and the quality is great. The keys dont wobble like other keyboards

    Das also makes very good mechanical keyboards. They run about $130 ish but i think you can get a student discount on their website.

    For around $100, rosewill are pretty good keyboards. They used to be rebranded filco but people are questioning if that changed recently. Mayb the quality declined a bit?

    razer blackwidows are nice too. They have backlit keys. However the blackwidow STEALTH (brown keys) have had problems with the left ctr or shift key getting stuck. Forgot which key it was. Not sure if the problem is fixed.

    havent read too many reviews on CM keyboards so not sure about that.

    Personally i would save another $30-$50 and get a filco or a das. They are great keyboards and youll notice the difference in quality.

    btw i use a zowie celeritas (brown) that i got for $100. nice little keyboard but some people dont like it because the spacebar is a black switch which has a different feel.
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