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Let me first start off by saying i just started getting into pc gaming and I'm alittle confused on some stuff. I'm currently playing DAYZ a mod for Arma 2. But my frame rate stays between 10-20 and thats it (usually around 10). So what do I need to do in order to improve the frame rate?

My Specs:
Gigabyte 880GM-D2H motherboard
AMD Phenom ll Multicore Processor (Black edition)
Thermaltake 430W power Supply
Gefore GT 520 2048MB Graphics card
4GB Ram wit 3.25 usable

Is it the graphics card that is hurting my frame rate? Any help is greatly appreciated!!! Remember I'm new at this.

Thanks again!
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  1. the gt520 is a very weak video card. would recommend upgrading the GPU.
  2. Most likely its the GPU.
    Upgrade to something a bit more modern and powerful, the HD7850 is a great card to pick up right now with its recent price drop. Its around $210 on Newegg and should play DayZ quite well.
    Sapphire HD7850. $210
  3. ^ +1

    Upgrade to something like an HD6850 (considering your PSU).

    You may want to consider a PSU upgrade if you want anything beefier. Also on a side note, what resolution is your monitor?
  4. you will probably want to replace your power supply, especially if you go for the 7850.
  5. ok, thanks for the replys! My resolution on my monitor is 1920x1080
  6. depending on your settings basically, Dayz(arma2version) will cripple any gpu setup. even high end cards dont do extremely well in them due to how the game was optimized for hardware.
  7. llBlueFoxll said:
    So what do I need to do in order to improve the frame rate?

    Lower the resolution to 1280x720 by right clicking the desktop and clicking screen resolution. Then lower the resolution. If you want the game to run ate 1080p then buy a new gpu. I recommend the 660ti. If you want a cheaper gpu buy the 560 ti.
  8. that might lower your desktop resolution, more importantly, lower your in-game resolution.
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