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Just wondering. I have an hp6653w and am shopping for a new vid card till i build another pc in a few months. heres a link of another gentleman on tomshardware




im into gaming..Gmod,counterstrike source and skyrim.. just looking for a little more fps. im getting 50-80 now.

thanks for any info you can provide.. im not looking to upgrade the psu.. just a new vid card till i get this new one built.. ill give my old one to my nephew for css lol.
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  1. your link seems to fail, what video card are you referring to getting and what do you have now?
  2. 50-80 fps is alot. And that card is not very good for gaming at all. What is your resolution?
  3. well its more like 40-60fps.

    heres the link i was talking about on T/H


    Im wondering what i will need to upgrade to a HD6570?

    i know i would need a new driver. How would i go about doing that? just go download it before i install the new card?? details please

    heres the exact one im looking at.
  4. Hey would you look at that, I've commented on that one :)

    I would suggest the Radeon 5570 or 6570 with that power supply. I've had a Radeon 6670 on a 220W before, but I wouldn't say I recommend it at all.

    If you were to get that Radeon 6570, they usually come with the driver on a disk in the box, but its usually an older version. The newest versions can be found on the AMD website. It would do well in all Source and stuff, but Skyrim might struggle.
  5. i get great graphix now is skyrim.. but crap in source.

    which is better??

    Radeon 5570 or 6570??

    im guessing the 6570

    exactly how would i make the swap..install details please
  6. They are pretty much the same, they're just rebadged.

    How to make the swap? Here's what you would do.

    I would start with figuring out how to open your case. Kinda important.

    Then, go into the OS and uninstall the current Radeon drivers.

    Then power down and unplug the computer from the power source. Install the card in the appropriate slot.

    Boot the computer up with the display connected to the new graphics card.

    Install the drivers from the included CD, or the website.

    There are also some basic troubleshooting tips I will tell you if you run into them.
  7. thanks, are any of you running either of these cards?
  8. I'm running a 6670 and have a 5570 lying around somewhere.
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