How long does a 5870 last for?

I found an offer for a Diamond Radeon HD 5870 for $120. I thought "man, I need to get on this deal!" Turns out, the graphics card is 2 years old and of course no more warranty... What would you guys do? I personally would not get it because the thought of it not working is heartbreaking... However, if I get some good reasons or maybe some ways to determine if it has a lot of juice left, then I would reconsider!

So any input is appreciated!

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  1. I have a 5870 that is older than that and works fine. It's still reasonably fast, but its not a screaming bargain
  2. Yeah honestly theres better out there the deal isnt as good anymore. if you want a screamin deal id get this while its still available:

    I wish i had the money i would buy it! thats a way good deal for condition, seems like a legit seller with 100% positive feedback.

    Most used 6870's go for around $125ish and that ones newISH lol.
    Just a suggestion but the 5870 is a good card none the less and diamond seems to do well (although im not a fan of named brands id prefer to buy an upgraded fan myself and simply slightly overclock myself for minimal more then stock price vs branded OC)
  3. I would say that the 5870 is faster than the 6870 for sure.,3107-7.html

    When it was made, the 5870 was top of the line, right behind the dual-gpu 5970. Its just as fast or in the vicinity of my 6950, which is still a pretty good card today.

    The 6870 is more in the place of the GTX560, both of which are slower than the 5870. Its a good deal if you can be SURE it is working properly.
  4. The 5870 and 5850 both outperform the 6870 and 6850 respectively. The only down side is the slightly higher power draw.
  5. Really I hadnt known that, my apologies shouldnt have spoken up about it without looking into it further. Heres a comparison that confirms Deemo13's suggestion:

    I had assumed the 6870 was the remake of 5870 but your right just another downgraded upgrade to make more money. My apologies again for the misinformation.. in that case it sounds like a good deal, i would imagine you can get atleast 5 years out of most cards with regular thermal paste replacement and standard use, i generally replace mine before they die so thats a good sign. if its been running for 2 years strong its probably gotten past any factory issues and should last awhile id imagine.

    Up to you! sounds like a toughy, it would have to depend on who the owner is and how well maintained for me to buy it. good luck!
  6. Me again. I actually have that Diamond 5870 in my second machine. It was my main card for over 2 years (I think it cost me something like $400 at the time) and frankly one of the best graphics cards I've ever had. I played Crysis at 2560x1600 on it, medium settings and it was fine. So buying anything used contains an element of risk, but for $120 you're getting a quality unit (and it doesn't hurt that ATI has had the time to iron out some of the driver issues).
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