Dell xps 630i budget upgrade?? :s

I currently have a Dell XPS 630i mostly stock parts Q6600 @2.40ghz OC to 3.2ghz (kentsfield) Rev Go. with the stock dell motherboard (0PP150) Chipset: nvidia nforce 650 SLI SPP Rev: 2
Southbridge: nvidia nforce 650i SLI MCP Rev :3 with stock ddr2 samsung 4gb memory @ 800mhz Galaxy gtx 560 GC edition 2gb of memory OC to 900 mhz HDD is a WD cavier 500gb @7500rpm with a stock 750w dell PSU airflow is not a problem got two custom coolermaster blademaster exhaust fans.

Now that i have got the specs of my PC out of the way Id like to ask a few questions ive been pondering for awhile.

The newest and only upgrade to my system was a galaxy gtx 560, and as it improved my system quite a bit im feeling something in my pc set up is bottle necking but im not quite sure which component is the culprit.Also a strange thing I noticed when trying to overclock with Nvidia control panel all my voltage setting were greyed out. Is that because of a weak dell PSU or a dell motherboard limitation?

I know i have to upgrade my gimped dell version of the nvidia 650i sli motherboard: however that would cause a domino effect of upgrading which i cant afford at the moment. Ive figured out the exact components for a complete upgrade but due to higher priorities at the moment im trying to figure out if its worth it to shell out 350 bucks for another galaxy gtx 560 and a CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX850 V2 850W? to hold me off till a msi motherboard, i5 3570K and gskill rip jaw ddr3 memory upgrade. Would the 2 galaxy gtx 560s in sli along with a brand name PSU be sufficient upgrade for playing in 1080p with graphics settings maxed and some anti aliasing ? or would my gimped dell motherboard, out dated not I5 Q6600 @ 3.2ghz and my slower stock ddr2 memory bottle neck my system?

to simplify precisely how shitty is the the dell 0pp150 motherboard and even OC'd to 3.2ghz can my Q6600 keep up with modern games ? should i just wait till i can afford a new mobo and i5 cpu with name brand ddr3 ? or will a corsair PSU and sli'd gtx 560 be substantial enough improvement to my gaming experience to willingly part with 350 bucks?

sorry about the longness of my post just super confused wish i didnt get dell. feedback would be much appreciated guys thanks.
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  1. also note when i tried to overclock my galaxy gtx 560 to recommended 984mhz by increasing voltage it instantly showed up as gpu throttling @ a staggering -851mhz's 0_o didnt go away till i reset my computer for awhile.and down clocked it back to 900mhz with stock voltage. my guess at the time was my crappy dell stock 750w PSU was overloaded, but as i thought about it could because my motherboard does not support voltage changes or something.....
  2. The Q6600 was a great CPU in its day, but it is old now.
    4GB of DDR2 is also pretty poor by today's standards. As is the 500GB hard drive.

    I would put up with the machine as is, until I could afford to replace everything.
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    The problem that upgrading anything on that build will set off a chain of upgrades. Upgrade the GPU and you might be bottlenecking it with the bad CPU, replacing the CPU will require a new mobo, which will then require new RAM, etc, etc.
    Overclocking I don't think will help that much, considering you cant alter voltage on the GPU and the CPU will still perform quite slowly.

    I would just wait until you can afford a new PC outright, and maybe salvage the optical, HDD and fans from this one.

    Also, 850W is overkill for dual cards and you would be better off with a stronger single card anyway.
  4. well with this mobo it runs single cards at 8x so getting two running at 8x is better then one right? so your saying for 2 OC'd gtx 560's sli'd as well as a new i5 ivy bridge overclocked to over 4ghz dont need the 850w corsair psu? 750w corsair would suffice. I dont want to over kill but i dont want to under power either.
  5. 8x on the PCI slot only determines band-width, not speed or performance.
    You will be better off with a single newer card such as the GTX670, lower (much lower actually) power draw than a 560 and will easily max out most games at 1080p.

    750W is still technically overkill. Modern dual cards can run quite comfortably on 650W, but most people get 750W for the extra overhead.
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