Miicrophone won't work - expert needed

Ok, so here's the deal:

I got a headset with a microphone, however, when I plug it into my pc, it won't work (sound does work, mic doesn't)

The thing is, I had a computer and had the same problem (I had a external sound card at that time), when I eventually couldn't fix it, I thought something was wrong with the motherboard and let it be. Now, some time later, I have a new motherboard, new processor, new ssd, new memory: same problem.

So, something wrong with the mic? - No, it works fine on other computers
Ok, then it must be the driver or other software? - No, the actual pc that I want to connect to works fine with another microphone....



- Microphone is not muted
- Boosting doesn't have any effect
- The microphone is reconized when I plug it in
- The microphone is the standard device
- Line input disabled has no effect
- Both front and rear input has the same issue.
- Deinstalling the drivers and installing new ones - no effect
- In the past I did a recovery of windows - no effect
- other 'sound devices' are disabled (on intel graphic / ati graphic) - no effect

My setup:

Win 7 ultimate edition 64bit
Asrock z77 extreme 4
Intel 2500k
Crusial M4
Ati 7950
16gb ddr3 ram

Who helps me solve this problem is a genuine hero.
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  1. You could always try getting a USB sound card and seeing if it works on that, and you could then see if it is your mic port or if it is something to do with windows.
  2. Yes thought of that, can borrow one, will take some time though.

    But it can't be the mic port, because another mic works fine. That's to say: on both back and front ports it doesn't work and another mic does work on both ports.
  3. Is the mic on the headset line-level?

    Maybe the mic is line-level and the mic port is not?
  4. It's a Sennheiser PC350, i forgot to mention it worked before on this computer, well, on the build I had before on which the problems started.

    I really think it has something to do with Windows 7 ultimate 64bit, with XP I never had this problem. However, my laptop runs on Windows 7 64bit home edition, and on that it works fine. :sleep:
  5. Ok, so I got a external usb soundcard.

    Same result: mic from pc350 won't work, sound does. Another mic works fine.

    It has to be software related, but what?! Arg
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