6870 Stuttering issue.

Lately my stuttering issue has been getting worse and I decided it was time to look for a solution.

In almost any game no matter the FPS I have this slight stutter will the game will kind of hiccup constantly. This has been over multiple iterations of graphic drivers.

My current setup:
Radeon HD 6870
AMD Phenom II X4 970
16 GB Dual Channel DDR3
Gigabyte GA-970A-D3
Windows 8 64-bit (The stuttering happened in Windows 7 as well).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Does this happen when you play a video on youtube? Did this issue start ever since you got the card? Also, is there anything else running in the background such as anti-virus or real-time monitoring programs.
  2. Youtube videos are fine, it's been happening for so long I honestly don't remember but it might have been when I got the card.

    It has happened in so many situations that I can safely say it occurs when nothing else is running. I also currently don't have an AV or any other software and it occurs.
  3. Is there another computer you can try the card in? If the problem still occurs, then you have to send in for a replacement.
  4. Yeah there is i'll try that later today. Thanks for the advice.
  5. sounds like a bad card to me .. if you have been playing bf3 lately there servers are messed up so its not just amd cards its also invidia .. lag stuttering what ever you wanna call it .. only thing that helps is to do a repair install on your game through origin..
  6. Are you running crossfire?
  7. No i'm not running crossfire.

    It was happening in BF3 but I haven't played it as of late.
  8. monitor and res ?
  9. Emachines something or other 1920 by 1080. The stuttering occurs on another monitor at different refresh rates as well.
  10. Is vsync on in the drivers and in game, and is triple buffering enabled where available?
  11. I turned triple buffering on, as well as vertical refresh in the drivers. Going to try it in game now and will post results.
  12. It still has a slight stutter in game.
  13. Try running MSI Kombustor for about half an hour and see what happens. This could tell you if it's software dependent or not.
  14. ......... how full is your HD ?
  15. Alright i'll grab Kombustor.

    Full I suppose, what are you basing that off of?
  16. a full or near full and/or unkempt HD will cause problems. When's the last time you did a disc clean up or defrag. And when's the last time you got rid of unused or unneeded software ?
  17. Ooh hard drive, I though you were referring to High Definition.

    I defrag/cleanup/and just do general maintenance all the time. I'd say about once a week it gets defragged and i'm constantly trying to cut back on clutter.
  18. how full is your "high def ".......... really ?........... time for me to back off.
  19. I'm really tired right now hahaha. Yeah looking back I have no idea why I thought you meant high definition.
  20. 720p = HD

    1080p = Full HD

    Or so many retailers claim...
  21. What jessterman is talking about is what I was assuming swifty was talking about... in my defense.
  22. I wanna see what marketing term they come up with for 2560 x 1600 or the new 4k displays... Extra HD, now with 25% more HD...

    Have you tried uninstalling then getting rid of any traces of the drivers with Driver Sweeper?
  23. No, I would but the problem carried over from multiple re-installations of windows and formats. It's possible but unlikely that it's the problem.
  24. Ah true. You mentioned you have BF3 right? Check and make sure origin is not running at all. if it is shut it down and try playing a game, see if it helps. Origin was pulling some funny business with me and even with BF3 on low I would get >20fps (I have a 6870 + athlon 2 x3)
  25. Alright, but i'll have to reinstall it. I haven't gotten around to it since the last wipe.
  26. check the temps on your CPU and GPU. i noticed lags on my GPU when it hits high temps also. maybe the GPU fan collected dust after awhile and needs to be clean? do you have good ventilation in your case?
  27. The ventilation is good but lately I have been noticing slightly higher temps. I intend on cleaning it out today and trying to improve ventilation.
  28. Is the issue still on?

    I had various stuttering issues with windows 8 RTM, that all of them was solved by simply enabling hyper-v on windows "programs and features" > "Turn Windows Features ON or OFF" (under control pannel, programs).

    It was unacceptable that windows 8 (which is suposed to be faster than windows 7) could not do some simple tasks, like playing a song or browsing the web, without stuttering alot, so I googled and found the answer.

    I found the answer on a blog, I don't have the address, sorry, but it helped alot, expecially with firefox.

    Anyone who got any stutter under windows 8 should give it a try, although I don't know if this hyper-v feature does anything at all, but it solved my problem. ;)
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