Emachine graphic card help?

Soo i just bought diablo 3, but i forgot to check my specs before i got it. Anyway i have an emachine EL1358-EW20P with an integrated Geforce 6150SE nforce 430.

Im looking to buy a new video card, but i wouldnt know where to put it in my computer, I think its a pci express slot, but the computer is really small.. i basically need a gamer video card, but it looks too chunky to fit into my computer
heres the picture


Any ideas?
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  1. You are going to need a low profile, single slot graphics card. This card would probably be your best option
  2. you can google the service part number of the mb and the power supply to fine out more info. you have to look at the 12v rail of the power supply and see how many amp or watts it rated for. a lot of the old ps were 250-350w. the photo looks like a pci standard black slot.
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