AsRock Extreme4 z77 Best Tower?

Hey guys so in a few days time I will be upgrading my rig to this.

CPU - i5 3570k
Ram - Corsair Vengeance 16GB
Graphics - GTX 660 (2GB)
PSU - Corsair 650W

Now my question is what gaming case do you guys recommend me as to all of this has to fit in the tower.

Also what kind of stand-offs does my motherboard use, E.G ATX?

I have found a case I am interested in but am not sure if it's good for the motherboard.

I am on a tight budget atm but what do you guys think?

Budget is around £40 which is $64.50

Amazon links only as I am in the UK, please no New-Egg

Thank you. :p
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  1. Get a case with front usb3 to match your motherbd. Though I do like that case, thats what its lacking so if you can live without front usb3 then go for it.
  2. Can you link me an example in my budget rate? Sorry i really can't find one i can afford.

    Also what kind of stand-off does the motherboard use?

    Is it an ATX?
  3. id say get a cooler master elite k350 , its cheap and big enough for your needs and has usb 3.0 in front
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