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hey guys!
Ok well, I have a Lenovo y580 laptop which has 1tb hdd but no ssd. I was wondering if buying a mini pci ssd would be better since I already have loads of files on my hdd and don't want to replace it. Can i Also ask what the difference is with the other ssd's. And can I store games on the mini ssd so that loading is faster? What do pci ssd's do, and are they worth it? If so can you guys recommend me websites which sell good ones, I have windows 8 so I want it compatible with it.
Thank you!
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  1. I know the y580 has an mpcie slot but I'm not sure if you can do anything by installing an msata SSD beyond caching the 1tb drive you have. Which isn't a bad idea, its just needs a few reboots to get it to really speed up your boot times.
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