Radeon 2600 HD problem.

I'll keep it simple. I install my Radeon 2600 into the pcie slot and turn on my computer. Everything powers on, but it will not boot and the monitor stays black. It runs for a few seconds and then shuts itself off....then it turns back on by itself. It goes through this on/off process 3 times and on the 3rd "cycle", it stays on but still nothing on the monitor. No error beeps either. Just...nothing! Everything is powered on. I remove the card and it boots with no problem. I tried this card in my brother's PC and it works perfectly. What am I missing here?
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  1. pci-e 2.1 is not backwards compatible with old cards, I bet that your PCI-E is too new on the one it doesn't work on
  2. Here's the thing, though: It's not 2.1. PCI-e x16 1.0
  3. well that is strange, I can't really think of a good explaination without some more info.

    Like, what are the PSU's for each rig (working and not working).

    They would be my first suspect.
  4. We have identical PC's. Optiplex 960. Both PSU's are 450.
  5. Ok some 2.1 cards will work in a 1.0 slot and some not. It all depends if the bios is up dated. Even though the PC's are the same is bios is up to par and your's isn't. So I think that is the case.

    Or your PCIe slot is broken or something wrong with the MOBO but that can't be because when you use the integrated GPU it works fine. So either it is what I stated above or the slot is broken.

    We know it isn't the card because it works in your brothers rig. We know it isn't the PSU because both rigs run just fine. So it kinda of narrows it down a bit. Have you had any other card before this one?

    You could try to up date your bios and up date the drivers in your system then try your card. One more question does your brother us a card in his rig? Get back to us with the answers. Good luck.
  6. My bro has a Radeon 4350 in his rig.....and no, this is the first card I've had in mine. All of my drivers are up-to-date as of right now. 2 questions: How do I update my bios and how can I tell if the slot is broken? I looked at it and everything seems alright.
  7. Ok. I successfully flashed my bios and now I'm gonna make sure everything is truly updated and then try to install my card. Wish me luck.
  8. Well that is good on the flash. When you update your drivers always use the custom install and then the clean install. If you get into some problems use a driver sweeper to get rid of the GPU drivers.

    Then do what I stated above. I will keep my fingers crossed. You could try your brothers card in your rig and see if you have the same problem. Just a thought. Let us know and good luck.
  9. Used the driver sweeper, cleaned gpu drivers, updated all other drivers, installed card....and nothing. Same on/off/on/off/on/off crap.
  10. I just took a hammer to the damn thing. Screw it. Thanks for your time, DM186. I've got a new 4350 on order now, lol. When it gets in, I'll let you know the outcome. If it does the same crap, I'm gonna order a replacement mobo.
  11. I hope you tried your brothers 4350 in your to make sure it works. Please do let us know how the out come is and please lock your hammer away before you give your knee cap a black eye.

    I will be keeping my fingers crossed that everything trunes out ok and good luck to you.
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