560 ti 448 not working

Hello, I've been using this card for about 6 months, it's a 560 ti 448 cores. Yesterday while watching a video the computer froze and I did a hard reboot. Now all I've got is onboard display. Updating the driver didn't work because it says "you are not currently using a display attatched to a NVIDIA GPU". Under device manager I've got the "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems" message.

Any ideas on what I could do?

P.S. If it helps, I checked and the fan on the video card still runs.
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  1. Run "dxdiag" and look at the Display 1 tab. That will tell you if the driver is installed. If you are "lucky" it is some kind of corrupted driver issue. If you are unlucky, the card and/or PCI slot died. You could try moving the card to another slot and see if that helps...but check drivers first.

    MSI Afterburner will provide even more information about the state of the card.
  2. dxdiag showed nothing there. I also moved the card to another PCIe slot and still nothing. I'm thinking it's safe to assume the card is dead.
  3. Update: Finally got my video card shipped back to me yesterday and when I tried it out I got red vertical lines all over the screen and could only boot in safe mode. Tried updating drivers, using different monitor, and a different PCIe slot again with no improvement. It's not a new card they sent, same part number as before.
  4. Return it again (sorry). They are usually going to replace your card with a used one that has "passed" their quality control. It is not unusual to get defective parts in return for your defective parts. Since it's the 448 core model, they may not have many sitting around to replace it.

    Let me guess, is this MSI?
  5. EVGA actually. I haven't gotten a response back from them yet on this new issue but depending on what they say I may just have to cut my losses. I've already had to put a project for a client on hold for over a week. Definitely going with a different brand next time.
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