Bought AMD FX-8350 4.0 ghz, Gigabyte Motherboard detects at 2.8 ghz


Picked up an AMD FX-8350 4.0 GHZ processor ( and a Gigabyte Micro ATX AM3+ Motherboard (

The motherboard is automatically detecting my processor clock speed at 2.8 GHZ instead of the 4.0 GHZ. I tried going in and changing the CPU Clock Ratio to x20, setting the speed to 4000 mhz (4.0 ghz), however the CPB (core performance boost) is already set to 4.2 GHZ. When upping the clock multiplier, the computer failed to restart a few times followed up with a blue screen of death after attempting windows boot repair. Keep in mind this was also during a reboot during some driver installations.

So my question is: Is the clock speed supposed to be set to 2.8 ghz on purpose, for when the CPU engages up to 4.2 ghz turbo? Or should I be able to manually set it to 4.0 ghz? Any responses welcome, thanks.
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    Your cpu is not listed in the support CPU's, have a look for BIOS updates.
  2. Wow, my mistake entirely. Thanks for the help.
  3. So basically, I should return this motherboard and get a different one then. Right?
  4. Probably, but make sure to get one that supports your CPU.
  5. There are other with the same problem.

    They seemed to resolve it either with BIOS settings or the AMD Overdrive tool.


    I would be tempted to contact Gigabyte first just, before returning the board, as their list may well be out off date.
  6. xxaimpiratexx said:
    Wow, my mistake entirely. Thanks for the help.

    Try updating to BIOS version F5 first, just to make sure it's not an old BIOS causing problems.

    Although I do not that the CPU list has nothing over 95W on it. Some of the older AMD boards were capped at 95W and your CPU is a 125W chip. It might be capping the watts by throttling back the CPU.

    I think the list is current because the 6300 is on it.
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