Need to find a Graphics Card

I'm looking for a graphic's card so I can run a few games (mainly Team Fortress 2). My system specs are here:

I'm living in the USA and have a budget of less than 100$ What kind of card should I be looking for?
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    It would seem that tf2 is not a very graphics intensive game.

    You are limited to a graphics card that can be powered only by the pci-e slot because of your 300w psu.

    In your budget range, here are two, for example which should be more than enough for TF2:

    Nvidia GT630 for $70 after rebate:

    Or, AMD 6670 for $63 after rebate:
  2. The power supply in that machine is so pathetic your stuck in the 100 dollar range anyways, as most cards above that will require more than what you currently have. Might i recommend the AMD HD 6670
  3. Thanks, I think I'm going with the Radeon 6670 :D
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