What does unlocking an AMD FX 4170 do ?

What does unlocking a processor do? As i have heard it being mentioned numerous times when people have talked about over clocking, but what does it actually do to the processor?
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  1. AMD's FX series already have unlocked multipliers, it allows you to easily overclock your CPU.

    If you are interested in overclocking, you may want to look at this: http://sites.amd.com/us/game/downloads/amd-overdrive/pages/overview.aspx

    Also, make sure you read up on overclocking your specific CPU BEFORE making ANY changes, or else you could easily damage your system stability.
  2. unlocking a cpu when the pc loads up and flashes the motherboard logo or something and says press "_" for core unlocking or bios etc, core unlocking was only in the Athlon and Phenom x2/x3/x4 cpus that had deactivated cores that could of been defective or disabled for harvesting a cpu to sell as a lower core cpu. example, most common unlocked cpu a phenom x4 960t which is based off thuban cores which is the six cores so its a four core with two cores disabled, either there unstable or defective or just deactivated so they can sell it as a quad core. The fx 4170 and the fx series do not have any hidden disabled cores if thats what ur talking about as in "unlocking".

    Not all athlon/phenom cpus were able to do unlocking zosma are the quad core with 2 cores disabled from the x6, and heka and callisto being the x2 and x3 which were quad cores with 1 or 2 disabled - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_AMD_Phenom_microprocessors#.22Thuban.22_.28E0.2C_45_nm.2C_Hexa-core.29. Every name says if there are any hidden cores but i mean u have an fx so no worry again if ur asking for "core unlocking" and not black edition unlocked as in the multiplier etc for overclocking
  3. Like you said in the bios it says unlock Core but the option in my Bios was already set to locked and i was wondering what it meant by it was locked and what i would be unlocking if i unlocked it as from what i gather from what you are saying it is the cores multiplier that would be unlocked not a core is this right or am i just being an idiot in not understandings?
  4. And thank you for the suggestion Foo392 but my motherboard is sadly not able to cope the with overclocking software you recommended :(
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