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Help on choosing Xeon Processor

Hello all,

I am looking for the highest speed Xeon that Intel has to offer. Could anybody point me in the right direction. I found a couple at 3.4Ghz but I was not sure if they offered faster models.

Thanks, J_Chiocca.
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    Fastest for what?

    Pure clock speed for a few threads is going to be the e3-1290 V2 at 3.7Ghz (4.1 Turbo). Although the 1290 is a pretty poor value for money. It's almost triple the cost of the e3 1270 V2 and only about 5% faster.

    For huge throughput for pure number crunching on massive multi-threaded workloads it would be the E7-2870/4870/8870 with 10 2.4Ghz cores and 30MB of Cache and you'd want more than one.
  2. I am needing it for highest clock speed as that is what my loads will be more intensive on, Thank you very good answer.
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  4. If it's going in a desktop, you might also consider the 3770K, which can be overclocked into the low 4Ghz range pretty easily. Same family of processor as Xeon e3.
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