Will this cooler fit in this case and could i use my old psu in it?

i am seeking to buy Thermaltake V3 Black AMD Edition Gaming Chassis Mid Tower Steel Computer Case VL800P1W2N and Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO - CPU Cooler with 120mm PWM Fan (RR-212E-20PK-R2) but before i do that i need to know a few things. will the 212 fit in that case? i also have a psu where the fan is pointing out of the back of the case instead of the fan pointing down like those corsair psu, would my old psu work in the new case and not cause me any problems or do i need to get a new psu? also, me buying the thermaltake v3 isnt set in stone, is there a cheaper case with just as good airflow or better? im on a tight budget.
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  1. yes it fits and is compatible, and its decent for the price, also what powersupply do u have so i know if its decent or if its total junk, thanks
  2. the sticker on the side of the psu says imicro and it says max load 400 watts but it hasnt given me any problems so far... also if its any help, my motherboard is a biostar group ta880gu3+, i have 4x 1gb ram, the graphics card is XFX Radeon HD 6670 (HD-667X-CDFR) 2048MB PCIe Gen 2.1 and the processor is currently overclocked to a amd phenom(tm) II x4 b60 processor i just want to make sure the cooler can fit with my stuff on the mb before i buy it.
  3. it does fit, but thats sounds like a generic bad powersupply, if u want to have more juice and stability for future upgrades id upgrade ur ps, whats ur budget for a new ps?
  4. it is a generic psu im sure of it but im not sure if i can fit a new psu in with the case and cooler at a 120-130 budget which includes my shipping cost. i wont be having money for atleast 5-6 months but i dont want to wait till then to get the case and cooler. the setup i have now kind of overheats as soon as i start a game. general browsing/video watching puts the computer at 45c-50c, gaming puts it 55c+ id hate to see what the temps would be like when it starts to warm up where i live in the next few weeks because my room reaches temps of 84f and right now its around 65f-70f
  5. well than for now get a new case and the cooler than later u can upgrade to a new ps :)
  6. im curious, what brand of psu would you recommend and how much would it cost me? and thanks for the help
  7. whats ur budget and what country u live in?
  8. when the time comes i would like to stay around the 50$ range but if you suggest something thats a little more i can work towards that.
  9. whats ur country of origin, and the currency u use?
  10. sorry i thought i mentioned, im in the usa

    should be enought, 59$ free shipping, whats the full system specs u running just to makeshur?
  12. i have a amd phendom ii x2 thats overclocked to a amd phenom ii x4 b60 but only the cores are unlocked its not tuned up not until my stuff arrives anyways but i do plan to mess with bumping it up from 3.3, i have 4x 1gb ram sticks but i am thinking of upgrading more ram if i can get from 32 bit to 64 but that wont be for a long while i have xfx 6670 20xx mb graphics card, normal usb keyboard/mouse usb headset and game controller and normal sata hard drive.

    i have a question for you, im trying to upgrade my computer from 32bit to 64bit but i can't get my cd drive to work. regardless of the disc i put in, the computer will crash when ever it tries to read something in there. so i setup a usb drive to run windows install on boot and the computer would just sit in a black screen with hardware temps for a small bit then proceed with windows startup. i tried all the usb ports on my computer and i know they all work... what do you think could possibly be the problem? i asked someone else on this forum for their opinion and they told me that its because i went from a intel build to a amd build with out reinstalling windows which would make sense to me if i hadnt already used the same hard drive in a few other intel/amd builds that my brother would let me borrow and never had a single problem till now. so i was wondering, i have this cd drive that looks like this but all the previous cd drives looked like this would the cd drives drivers conflict if i didnt reinstall? like the newer drive tried to overwrite the old drivers and it got corrupted? if thats even possible... i wish i had a way to test if the cd drive is messed up or if its like what the guy said, to buy a new hard drive because this one is messed up which doesnt make sense cause im typing right now on the computer and i play games fine. what do you think i should do/try? i was wondering if i could install windows 8 trial from the microsoft website would that be like reinstalling windows? or is there some trick i can do to run it from second partition or something?
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    its possible u need to change ur dvd-rom drive, thats like 2o$.

    thats powersupply will do u justice,

    also getting a 4x2gb 8 gig of ram kit will help.
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  15. i really appreciate all the help tyvm
  16. no problem cheers bro :)
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