Upgrade CPU Cooler, HDD, and RAM Or!! Add second GPU

My setup is
3570K @ 4.0 On stock cooler
8GB Ram @ 1600mhz
300GB Velociraptor
Gigabyte 7870 @ 1180/1350
Antec 750Watt PSU

My question is i have some spare cash from selling some weapons i had, should i (add a second gpu), or (upgrade CPU cooler to Hyper 212 Add 8GB more ram and a second HDD for RAID 0)?

and the question is yes.. what is my monitor size.. well of right now it is not important, because i will eventually be upgrading to a higher resolution then my 19" does..

my reason for wanting a second GPU is so i will be good for games for the next 2 years.. atleast. high fps and all

and people will ask what do you plan to do with this machine? Well obviously gaming, and i run a virtual machine every so often which with the resources i have is already fine. Theres not much more that i do, gaming, VM, Movies, Reading,

I was running 2 CSS servers on it as well. but not very often
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  1. oh i also get 60FPS With ultra settings in everygame.. but whos to say crysis 3 wont smoke this PC
  2. Since you are doing great the answer is do nothing.Later on you may want a better gpu or Xfire or OC the cpu which will depend on the game.
    Monitor size matters alot as if you are going for crazy high res the gpu may need a boost.
    I remind you that Xfire will generate even more heat.
    If you really must spend the cash now go for the noctua d14 if it fits and the second HDD but skip the extra ram,for gaming is not really necessary.Use the left over to install more/better fans.
  3. i have 7 140mm Case fans sorry forgot to mention case and cooling.. The CPU gets to like 80c after about an hour of Prime95, but gaming doesnt get that high,, maybe 65c.

    Idles at like.. 24-33c. Im looking forward to a RAID 0 although ive never had one or set one up. I currently have only 100GB free which can go fast, i do have external drives but lol i wont be installing games to them. Also my gaming Res is 1360/768. But ive never had a monitor above 20'' so im quite used to it. Gaming on larger screens seems to have higher latency and response times, makes mouse feel laggy.
  4. Maybe ill just skip the upgrade all together and build a cheap dual core server.. for my CSS, Ventrilo, Storage needs..

    www.filegarden.net my site
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