4 new SATA DVD burners, new pc build, only 2 can read Disks

Building a new Quad DVD burner PC for work. Got a new MSI 760GM-P23 motherboard, new AMD Quad core CPU, Windows 7 Pro, and 4 new SATA Lite-On DVD-RW drives. Built the PC with just one DVD drive, then later decided to add 3 more, (to backup multiple CD's/DVD info to the server, and duplicate multiple copies of data at once.) Anyway after installing the drives, they show up fine in BIOS, and show up fine in device manager. All drivers are "up to date". It started off with no DVD drives being able to read a CD at all. Then after deleting and re-installing the drives in device manager, one started working, but the other 3 will spin up and try, but wont read anything. Fiddled around in BIOS, ended up finding a updated BIOS, and flashed to the newest and latest BIOS. Now 2 of the 4 drives work and read disks. I'm stumped here, can't seem to get the other two to read anything. I've replaced the SATA cables, swapped SATA ports, swapped the drives for 2 other new SATA DVD drives I had on hand, No Joy on anything. I tried going into the registry and deleting the "upper" "lower" stuff as noted on another forum, but don't have that showing up at all, so haven't been able to do that. I've done multiple reboots, uninstall and re-install the drivers, (checked for "jumpers" on DVD drives), and fiddling around in the BIOS with no Joy.
Figured I'd bite the bullet and see if anyone here have any other suggestions on how to resolve the issue. Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. what mode are your sata ports in? raid, ide/compatible, sata, ahci ?
  2. Ahci I believe. Pc is at work, so I'll have to double check tomorrow to be sure.
  3. It's in IDE Mode. I did try playing with the different modes with no luck.
  4. so the 2 drives that work are always the same 2? or are the 'working' drives always on the same sata ports?
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