C2D E4300 replace for NAS

Want to replace my C2D E4300 that i have been using as my home server.

Looking for a decent replacement, trying to stay around $100 or less, prolly buying used. Already have the memory / drives, etc just need CPU + Mobo.

Will be running mainly as a NAS running Server 2012 Essentials. I MIGHT use it later as an HTPC as well in the future, so having HDMI + Audio out would be nice.

Mainly i want enough memory slots so i can stuff it with memory and 4+ sata ports since i already have a parity setup in Storage Spaces with 3 drives. I will be running a general purpose VM Linux as well.

I was debating between the Llano and I3.


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  1. NAS don't need CPU power. I run a file server for 400 people at work on a single core AMD virtual machine and it runs about 10% utilization.

    I don't see much point in upgrading. For $100 including MB and RAM (you say you have RAM, but I doubt it's DDR3), you are going to end up with like a bargain basement Celeron or AMD A4 anyway, which isn't a whole lot faster than a C2D.

    Waste of money, honestly.
  2. I have plenty of DDR3 available, that is not an issue. My main concern was since i would be running Server 2012 Essentials + VM, it would be a RAM hog. I currently have 4 gigs of DDR2, the issue is that the mobo only has its only 2 slots filled ( 2x2gb). Figured i'll rather spend the money on a used mobo / cpu than in the 2x4gb ddr ( which i don't have ).

    I saw Llanos for like $35 buxs.
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