Don't know for sure if water cooling is working.

Processor: AMD FX(tm)-8150 Eight-Core Processor (8 CPUs), ~3.6GHz
Memory: 10240MB RAM
Graphics: HD Radeon 7770


Hello, I am new to the forum. I've been referred to this forum, for I am looking for assistance.
I am having a problem with my Liquid cooling system, whenever I run a videogame (ex. Call of Duty Black Ops II) the fan on my radiator ramps up to a very loud noise.
The sound was so loud, I downloaded Core Temp and it seems that my idle temperature is 40-50 C. Normally, my idle went from 15-25 C. I no longer hear the water pumping through the tubes, and I have cleaned the dust out of my case as well as my radiator. I also don't know whether my cooling system is low maintenance or not.

The following images are the inside of my case and liquid cooling system, for it is different from the comp link previously.

Appreciate your time.

Edit: I would like to add that a friend suggested that I slowly tilt my computer while it is running, i've done so and now I have heard the air bubbles moving to confirm that the cooling is working, I still have an idle of 42 C.
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  1. You usually aren't going to to hear water flowing through the system after a while of use, occasionally you may hear air bubbles moving through but they usually will get stuck in the air trap in the radiator, as for your idle temps, those do seem a little high, even for that CPU, however, that fan seems to be a on the smaller side, ~92mm? In my experience those things can get quite loud when running at higher RPM's, I think your cooler is working, but your case fan setup may not be optimal.

    You could try connecting another fan onto the mobo cpu fan header and checking to make sure it's working properly. Or you could change up the case fan setup to allow better heat dissipation from the radiator.

    Could you maybe upload a picture of your case, panned out a bit?

    Also, your link to the HP website is dead.
  2. Thanks for your reply, HP link is edited. My post is now updated with new pictures as well.
  3. The loud fan and higher temps are recent? If so, had you made any bios changes, such as updates, etc? Also, is the 40-50c reading with the case open or closed, what is the ambient room temp? Has that changed? I'm doing some extra research now.
  4. I've been getting loud fans and higher temps, this problem have been going on for about a month and a half now. I've set up this computer in multiple places, including my home which has a room temp of 23 C and this problem persists. Just now, my compy was idling at 42 C with side panel off and 60 C when a videogame program is running.

    Edit: I have not yet considered that the problem I am having is software / operating system related. If anyone suggest that I should reformat , and restore my operating system to see if the problem still persists I will do so immediately. I don't believe that is the problem here though.
  5. Thats no better than the stock fan. What water cooling system do you have?
  6. popatim said:
    Thats no better than the stock fan. What water cooling system do you have?

    He provided link to the computer setup int he main post, it's some kind of HP cooler.
  7. It looks within reason considering the design and components. A small closed loop wc is not going to be much different than decent air, and it's going to be louder when gaming to try cool it. What is the max temp while gaming for awhile?

    BTW, 10GB of RAM ? That pic looks like 3 sticks, in a dual channel board? 2x4 + 2 ? Can you explain that? You may be running at half speed.

    P.S. They really did a number with that case, changing/upgrading anything will be a PITA
  8. I have 2x4 + 2 just as you said. To be honest i'm not so knowledgeable on my ram, so I wouldn't know if im running half speed or not. Everything seemed really responsive, and fast and it still is.
  9. From the pictures, that is an OEM Asetek cooler however this situation is odd, I could say that the unit is going through an airlock perhaps as the rad is oriented with the tubing ports above the rad. Air is lighter than liquid so will travel upwards, this bubble of air will eventually make its way into the tubing and into the pump chamber that is connected to the mobo(the cooling plate). Pump will stall and you'll see rally high temps, but from what you're saying its stuck at that high idle temps. So if the pump or the unit stalled or even failed, you'd see temps reaching Tmax very soon.

    Have you contacted HP about this ordeal? as we would suggest opening some of your parts or tinkering with it, or at least what a brand machine maker wouldn't like you to do and thus void warranty if you're yet within its period. One more thing to note is; HP have their proprietary list of parts, even the mobo shown on their site isn't by a brand so trying to add/do anything will mean you're going to cripple an already crippled system.

    Drop HP a call and see if they can help
  10. Thanks, for your replies. I figured that it could be an airlock or something, but I kind of tilted my computer a bit and it seems that my idle temp is still high even after I heard air bubbles. So far my PC has been running for 2 hours. I'll probably just contact HP about this, I was just seeing if I could resolve this without sending it somewhere.
  11. zettaizero said:
    Thanks, for your replies. ... I was just seeing if I could resolve this without sending it somewhere.
    You're welcome. Brnaded machine makers or the prebuilt rig as we call them want you to go to them in the event that something goes wrong so they can make more money out of your already dry pocket [:lutfij:6] . A DIY build would allow more control and understanding regarding what can go in and what can come out :)

    hope your issue is resolved. :sweat:
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