I know that their are other threads that state that their is no quality difference between HDMI and DVI. My question is will it impede my gaming performance if I were to use DVI instead of HDMI. Are graphics cards made to use DVI before using the mini HDMI port. I currently use HDMI that connects with an adapter to a mini HDMI port on the card. Will I get better performance using the DVI connection, one because it has less connection compared to connecting through an adapter like I am with the HDMI and two is it better for gaming.

I dont have a need for sound to go over the HDMI as I have a dedicated sound card going to a speaker system.

Thanks to anyone who helps me clear any misconceptions out.
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  1. mope, most definately not. DVI is just as fast as HDMI. when we say there is no quality difference, we mean that the type of digital signal is the same. however, you will be able to get more resolution with DVI (1440p or 1600p). other that that, there is no performance difference
  2. Thanks for the clarification also one other thing, does it matter in the quality of the cable or will any type do. Does it matter how many pins their are I have one that has a full set of pins then I have one that has two clocks of pins and of course the plus set of pins
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    both would work. as you can see here:

    both cables you describe are digital and thus carry the full signal
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  5. thanks for the quick answers
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