CPU or motherboard failure?

My computer stopped working. I don't know what the problem is.

Symptom: When turning the computer on there is a short movement of the fans (the PSU fan and the two fans that are connected to the motherboard). Then nothing happens. This is repeated as long as the power is on.

I have unplugged all cables and reconnected. I also tested the power supply by shortcutting the 20pin connector with a paper clip. The PSU run OK then but not when the connector is connected to the motherboard.

Is it a Power supply problem? or a motherboard problem? or something else?

here's a video of my problem.
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  1. Hi, It looks like a power supply issue. Try connecting one or more fans to the power supply molex connectors and test again with the paperclip (shortcutting).
    Or if you can borrow one from a friend...
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