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im running a amd radeon hd 6670 and all of a sudden my hdmi audio output doesnt show up and currently have no speakers hooked up so id like to hear my audio out of my tv anyone got some info id greaatly appreciate it im also currently running 12.6 software version
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  1. Did you configure it in windows?
  2. amuffin said:
    Did you configure it in windows?

    havent been able to find it in windows the only thing i kno to go to is device driver and thats the only spot i see it and its enable and working properly but has yet to show up in my audio devices
  3. Control Panel--->Hardware and Sound.
  4. yea ive been there and theres nothin there
  5. did you turn the tv off/change channel then back on later? Reconnect the hdmi end to the tv while it’s on.
  6. jus tried both and nothin worked using a 32" sony google tv
  7. my sys is using the realtek aduio outputs instead of my gpu output and ive done the whole run around and cant find an asnwer
  8. Did you go to sound and set the AMD driver as the default?
  9. ok do you have a speaker icon in the system tray, bottom right corner of the screen? right click it and click playback devices.

    Select and set the tv as default
  10. amd doesnt sho up in sounds only realtek dig output/ realtek opticalo output/ speakers only 3 sounds
  11. still no fix to the sys ive changed hdmi cables plugged into different tvs and it was working fine right up until i hooked a gaming chair up to it and was using the audio output on mb and then the hdmi output dissappeared and catalyst doesnt have audio specs so i dunno how to download jus the audio portion of my gpu if anyone could help id greatly appreciate it its driving me nutz jus wanna play my game and hear the fx
  12. are you looking in sound and not in realtek hd audio manager?
  13. Yes looking in sound and its not there thinkin bout uninstalling drivers and reinstallin to see if that works
  14. Strange, you have the graphics card hdmi output connected to the tv and still have no option with a tv logo? i mean you'll have devices with pictures, there’s none with a tv?

    Reinstalling drivers may help.
  15. Have you tried going through Catalyst to adjust the properties?
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