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Recently got a XFX Radeon HD 6870 and after a few minutes of Furmark, I received a temperature of 85C and it fluctuated in the mid 80's. Is this high or normal load temperatures? Thoughts?

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  1. this is normal load temperatures for running Furmark, which will stress your card like it's never been stressed before. I would expect game load temperatures to be around 70-75C, which is fine. anything under 80C for normal load is good temperatures. benchmarks always stress them a bit harder
  2. Thanks for the reply. Was just wondering cause it seemed rather high =P.


    Any suggestions for a fan profile for MSI Afterburner?

  3. I generally like to have the fans hit 100% at 80C. because as I said before, 80C is kind of the saftey limit for everyday use.

    otherwise I would adjust it balancing temperature and noise you can withstand. if you're ok with 60% fan speed and that keeps your card at 65C when you game, great! if your card goes to 75C at 60% and you can't stand to hear the fans at 80%, then well, there's nothing wrong with 75C :)

    so yeah, I generally keep it fairly flat and have it go up pretty quickly between 65-80C
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