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  1. Why are you buying thermal paste? The stock cooler should be fine unless you're planning on over-clocking. Every thing seems compatible.
  2. Also I don't recommend the case you are buying as it only includes 2 fans. For good cooling buy a zalman z9 plus or a zalman z11 that includes at least 3 fans.
  3. I had heard that the stock thermal past was bad
  4. The stock thermal paste is just fine.
  5. and the case i picked has 4 fans
  6. The Antec cases are good, but that one is small and the graphics card might not fit in it.
    I've used the Antec 900 & 902 series which work great for gaming builds (never had any cooling issues with them). I've had to remove the fan mount from the back of the hard drive cage, but it works fine.
  7. I cant find the size of the graphics card, but the case can fit up to 12.5 inches so i think it will be fine
  8. The motherboard only has 3 fan plugs, and the case had 4 fans. Whats a good 4 pin fan power splitter?
  9. The front case fans (and I believe the back one) are standard molex, so you can just use your PSU connectors to power them. I think that the only fan that can be plugged into the board is the top fan.
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    Ok, it looks like that one is only 10.25" wide, so it would fit.

    As for the thermal paste, the stock is usually good enough at least for awhile as long as you aren't overclocking. You may want to redo it in a year or two if it starts heating up a bit.

    I love that CPU for the money. Can't go wrong with it or the G.Skill ram in my opinion.
  11. Ok thanks everyone for your help.
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  13. Please don't post only links next time.

    We can better assist you if you go to this link, read the first post, and fill out the template.
  14. The power supply he wants is flat out TERRIBLE.You can see that from its reviews online.
    If he wants a good modular power supply with plenty of power at a low price i suggest the Rosewill Hive 750

    I also don't know if the Antec Three Hundred will fit the graphics card.The case has 10.5 inch clearance and the card is 10.2 inches long.
    If he doesnt that to happen you should take a look at the case below.

    Also he should definetly upgrade to a HD 7870.It's not much more expensive but its a LOT faster.

    If you cant afford the HD 7870 then simply switch thr CPU form 3570K to 2500K.The 2500K is only 1-2% faster than the 3570K (when both OC'd) and you'll save some money.

    Also the motherboard he chose has no VRM cooling so it's a very bad choice if he want's to use a 24/7 OC.
    The Asrock Z77 Extreme4 is a superior choice.

    And lastly you dont need any thermal paste if you're going to use the stock cooler it's simply pointless.
    He probably wants thermal paste becasue he saw the article on how it fixes Ivy Bridge's temp problems.But he forgot to see one thing.The opened the chip and applied paste inside it for that to work.
  15. The OCZ PSU isn't the best out there, but at 4eggs with 943 ratings I don't think you can call it "TERRIBLE"...
  16. Whats the difference between the Asus p8z77-v lk and the Asrock Z77 Extreme4 Also whats a good PSU.
  17. waden34 said:
    The OCZ PSU isn't the best out there, but at 4eggs with 943 ratings I don't think you can call it "TERRIBLE"...

    Newegg reviews are not real reviews.
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