Disable Crossfire(X) option gone in CCC?

Disable Crossfire(X) option gone in CCC?

Hi all;

My machine recently crashed (not sure what up with that, but let's assume it's not video card related for the moment). On reboot, all was fine, except the monitor I use as my main monitor just flashes and all output has been redirected to the 2nd monitor to it's right (dual display - had 3 monitors, but the 3rd died a few months ago and haven't replaced it yet).

Anyway, the signal light on the Samsung (main) monitor now just flashes off and on, as if it's not receiving a signal. I've powered off/on, unplugged/re-plugged power, had it check for digital vs. analog (it's DVI), etc. No change. When this has happened before, I went into CCC and disabled CrossFireX and all was good again.

However, this time I decided to update the drivers from 12.3 to 12.6 first. After that, there's no longer an option to disable CrossFire anywhere I can find in CCC. Hmmm, weird, I thought, and noticed that even after reboot it said I was running 12.3 (later saw that other people had this issue) so, I uninstalled all ATI stuff, and re-installed. Same. Uninstalled, re-installed 12.7, no difference. Finally now back on 12.3, but still . . . no option. Wtf?

I've spent the past several hours on the enthralling uninstall/reboot/re-install/reboot sessions and am running out of ideas. Any ideas on what's up and how to further troubleshoot or simply fix?



Windows 7 (64bit)
(2) ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT
Driver Packaging Version 8.951-120308a-135594C-ATI
Catalyst Version 12.3
2D Driver Version
Catalyst Control Center Version 2012.0309.43.976
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  1. You tried this 12.6 Legacy Version?


    Also, have you made sure the crossfire bridge is properly plugged in? And that both cards have the same driver.

    A system crash may short circuit something. So test each card individually and see how they perform. You may want to update each card individually with the same driver.
  2. Actually, that was the first version I installed somewhat accidentally.

    I just checked connections and switched the dead monitor (3rd one that died) so that now both active monitors on are on the same card. All working now. Now, I'd call that one card just died (been several years, possible I guess), if it weren't for the fact that when I had the old physical connections set up, CCC detected the monitor still, just wouldn't push video to it and the monitor flashed "no input" light.

    Beyond that, haven't tried anything much and can work for now, but will give those a shot if it seems worth it. This PC is about 5-6 years old, which I realize is not totally EOL, but it is about the time things start dying on you. May just be time to build a new machine.

    Will report back if I find something report-worthy though. Appreciate the response.
  3. ^ this. Those at very old cards and 12.4 was the last regular version. You are installing incompatible drivers. No idea why we would pretend the crash wasn't GPU related when it clearly was either.... What were you doing? What is your PSU?

    Your first card is not working so of choose there will be no option to disable crossfire. If you have a bridge installed remove it, and leave it off. you aren't using it anyway if you have GPUs plugged into both cards. Reseat the bad card and try again.
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