6MB or 8MB CPU Cache for GAMING??

Title post says it.

i7-3740QM (6MB CACHE)


i7-3840QM (8MB CACHE)

The 3740 is almost $200 cheaper. Will that suffice for a few years? How much is needed for gaming? 6MB good?

Convince me to spend to $200 more for the 3840...
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    6MB, 8MB only help those doing very CPU intensive processes (IE: heavy duty video editing). In gaming you'll see absolutely no difference at all.
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  3. Thanks, buddy! You seem experienced. What about 670MXs SLI vs 680Ms SLI. I am pretty sure both will max out any game. Why spend $700 more on 680Ms??
  4. You should be worried with the gpu of the lappy not the question of the cache of the cpus, any of those two will do...
  5. Okay, djangoringo, 670MXs SLI or 680Ms SLI?

    Yea yea I know 680Ms are better on paper....but they both max out all games...correct?
  6. To be frank, I really don't know about laptop GPUs, I don't hear many good things about the differences between the 600 mobile series. What I do know is that the 680 (for desktops) is generally better in performance than the 670 due to clockspeed.. So it's probably the same for the laptop, so I would go with 680Ms cause you can't overclock a laptop GPU.
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