Power Supply failing? Or something else?

This problem has just start a few days ago and I notice it when I am doing some heavy things (using a lot of resources) I booted up Battlefield 3 and after a while of playing all of the sudden my computer shut off or the displays went out and all I could hear was a loud fan going and it would go until I turned the pc off, I put my ears to it and it sounded to be either the cpu or psu. I just bought my gtx 680 a few months ago and I doubt thats the problem. I tried again but this time checking the temps of both the gpu and cpu and they were normal while playing and it did it again... I tried one more time but this time disabling my second monitor and boom it worked fine... It won't turn off or do any of the behaviors listed above on other games like Half Life 2 or games like that,It only happens when using a lot of resources , just happened while playing Skyrim (other monitor wasn't off though) I am wondering if this sounds like a PSU problem?

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  1. What's in your machine? To give us an idea if maybe you just need more power or something.
  2. Sure,
    Well I have

    750W TX Corsair PSU
    8gb ram
    intel i7 930 processor
    gtx 680 gpu
    asus p6x58d premium motherboard
  3. Also I just tried to disable the other monitor during skyrim and it did it again.
  4. Your card will draw about 40 amps if you don't have it overclocked from your single rail which only has 62 to begin with. So if you're doing any overclocking with your video card AND the CPU you might be overloading your psu.

    Is it that everything has been working fine for a long period of time (weeks?), and then it all of a sudden started happening or did you add something to your machine and shortly afterwards this started?

    What are the computer components and case temps?
  5. I just called Gigabyte and he said that my pci slot is 2.0 and my graphic card needs 3.0 so I can't do high performance gaming and when I do it'll shut off or something so I guess its my mobo and cpu? apparently the gtx 680 doesn't work with bloomfield. It happened just recently, I haven't added anything or done anything different. I'm not OC'ing either.
  6. I just googled and apparently the 680 can work just fine with both my bloomfield cpu and 2.0 pci slot... as far as the temps go while playing bf3 the cpu and all its cores don't go past 45c and thats max and the gpu hits maybe 50c
  7. OHHH I guess you don't have enough pci lanes and power supplied thru the 2.0 slot. How long have you had the card?
  8. I've had the card since it came maybe since June or July so what do I need to get?
  9. Have you tried updating the drivers? Or if you just did that maybe you need to roll them back. The psu might be going out but that's probably a stretch, but sometimes you have to clutch at straws. Do you have a spare or can you borrow one from a friend to check that?
  10. I don't have any spares but it MAY be a driver cause I remember this problem coming since I updated a few times ago
  11. Good place to start. First try to "roll back" your current drivers first once, and then again if testing isn't successful and do it again until it works. The long way around is to uninstall the current drivers and delete them, while using the basic windows drivers look for and grab 1 or 2 of the older models. Let us know how it goes?
  12. Thanks for the help man, is there any way to contact you directly?
  13. If you click on my user name it will take you to my homepage with a - send a private message, or "PM" - link to contact me directly.
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