Performance issues in certain games

Hey everyone this is my first thread so bare with me here but i recently got a gaming pc for christmas and its a good pc for roughly 1600$.

heres the specs:

Thermaltake MK-2 chasy
P8-Z77-VLK mother board
I5-3570K 3.4GHZ processor thats runs at about 30 to 35C at idle and roughly 55 to 65C while under 100% max load
GTX 680 2GB video memory
16GB of vengence ram
Corsair HX850 watt power supply
Thermaltake water 2.0 pro water
1920X1080 monitor resolution

Now my problem is that i can run battlefield 3 ultra while recording at 60 FPS pretty steady but when ever i try to play arma 2 DAYZ mod my FPS is like 30 to 45 FPS while in towns on high and ultra they dont make a difference.I was wondering what the deal is cause i know its a very demanding game but the only thing i can think of that will make a difference would be overclocking my CPU or getting a better CPU witch a but ton of work sence i already got my CPU cooler on witch was not fun i tell ya.If anyone has any suggestions PLZ! tell me cause i really want to be able to play Arma 2 DAYZ without any lag and possible be able to record if i wanted to.If anyone answers this ill be thankfull! :D
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  1. That's more than enough machine to play any game smoothly at high settings at 1080p. And even 30-45 fps should still produce smooth game play. (the human eye is fooled into seeing smooth motion at around 30 fps) If you are experiencing lag or stutter when gaming online, it is probably a server issue or too many players in the game. If this occurs when gaming offline/single player, you may have a severely bloatware loaded machine that needs cleaning. Try CCleaner. Do the Clean and Registry both.
  2. It depends on how resource hungry the game is. Different games perform differently from each other. From what you are stating it seems ARMA 2 is really resource intensive.

    You can try newer graphic drivers, or a fresh install of windows, but for really demanding games the only real way to improve performance is to buy parts that gives you better performance.
  3. thx for the resoponce but could low internet band width make it fell more laggy then it is cause i know above 30 FPS the human cant really tell a difference but it dosent seem smooth to me. Band width i have i wopping (sarcasticly) 3 megabytes XD
  4. That's what I was trying to get at above. Does this only happen when gaming online with many other players? Do single player versions of the games seem smooth?
  5. ok so i cleaned it and hahaha ya sence its a brand new PC i had 20 GB of temp file XD but it didnt improve multiplayer performance... also when ever i have like 35 FPS in single player it looks smooth like u said and in multiplayer it dont so ya i think it might be my interenet :'(
  6. I was searching for ideas on this when I ran across this thread.

    I've been playing ArmA series since it was Operation Flashpoint back in 2002. Only recently have I gotten into playing more heavily with DayZ and Wasteland.

    I have two PC's with very differing hardware, yet either of them only yield about 10-25FPS when playing online.

    I can tell you that the bottleneck seems to be in the game itself, or is server side.

    Both of my PC's do not max out GPU or CPU while playing, and often times when the FPS drop to the worst frame rates my GPU and CPU are doing less, not more!

    This tells me that my system's power is not the issue, but rather poor coding in the game and/or network/server performance.

    When running the benchmarks it will max things out, with a caveat. I found that I had to disable composite effects and use the -winxp flag to launch arma2.exe. Without those "tweaks" the frame rate was much worse and only utilized about 75-80% of my GPU's.

    ArmA2 is allegedly notoriously poorly coded in the graphics and network code, and I suspect this to be a major fault.

    I wish I had your "problem". One of my systems has the same GPU you use, and a faster processor and I still get worse FPS. :-/

    Perhaps it's as others mentioned. When I'm playing either of those two mods I'm on servers with 50+ other players.
  7. I think you guys found your problem. It's not with your machines. Here is a better explanation of the problem than I could give...
  8. Ya going to get bttr internet maybe and thats gonna help imvpretty sure
  9. thx for the reply but i dont know how to change the settings u were talking about nor do i know how too start with the -winxp flag
  10. I'd better not advise per networking and network settings. That has never been my strong suit. Unless someone else jumps in, I would post that question in the Networking section of the forums for a response.
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