Advice for newbie 1st built com for mainly on 3d modeling and rendering.

hello here, i'm a newbie on custom built computer and i need some advice on the items that have been selected so far.

This com will be mainly use for CAD drawing and Rhino software 3d modeling, Photoshop and adobe programs for an architecture student.

am also aiming to have major multitasking, possible of 2 monitors work flow and overclocking.

monitor: no
os: no
Preferred Website for Parts: none, it will be a local malaysia website or shops.
Country: Malaysia
Parts Preferences: None
Overclocking: Yes

motherboard : ASUS)P9X79 2799
Ram: CosairDDR3 1600 8G X2 876
hard disk: WD 1TB 64M SATA3 Black 670
case: (CoolerMaster)Storm enforcer case 1120
Power Supply:(Coolermaster)GX650w
mouse : no
CPU: Intel i7 3820 2050
GPU : NV GTX560Ti-1GD5 X 2 3398
SSD :Intel SSD 180G 330 serie X25-M G3 1229

the rough estimation of the built is about $ 2k. something more than that is acceptable. Please kindly advice, commend and give holistic insight on the above built. If the above built are not in good combo, please give advice on the alternative built.

Many Thanks
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  1. Instead of dual 560TIs, go for a Fire Pro or a Quaddro if they're available where you live. They can handle the finer redraws that most consumer / gaming cards can.t

    And then for SSD I'm not the biggest fan of Intel SSDs - go for a Samsung 830 or Crucial M4 instead.

    For your RAM - a dual channel setup will not work in an X79 build, you will need 16GB of RAM in 4 x 4GB.

    If there's a store you buy from - please provide a link as that will help to suggest parts.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply and advice g-unit1111.

    on the gpu, I might then look into Quadro, maybe Quadro 2000?

    the web and the store that i will go for will be in this link,
    price list is at the bottom-left of the webpage.

    other than the ram and ssd are the rest give a good combo under this price?

    Many thanks.
  3. Quote:
    other than the ram and ssd are the rest give a good combo under this price?

    Yeah for the most part - the motherboard, CPU, and everything else looks good.
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