GH3 Micro-stutter?

I bought Guitar Hero 3 for my computer a few months back because i enjoy the game and missed it after I sold my xbox 360. It installed and played just great, custom songs worked and everything was fine. But then i recently tried to play it and now no matter what setting, how many times i reinstall it or just tinker around it seems to "skip" a frame every 2 seconds roughly. I don't know if it has anything to do with my drivers or something else, but my drivers were just updated and it still happens. Here's my specs:
AMD 1100T
m4a87td evo mobo
6870 sapphire card
650 watt power supple, corsair
8 gig ripjaw ram 1600
a cd drive and a few hard drives

As far as I can remember nothing really "set" it off, it just kinda started happening after I stopped playing for a few months. Also I've been getting "atikmpag.sys" bsods about once a week, so maybe that's the cause? Other than that every other game runs fine; battlefield, skyrim, tf2, gmod, arma 2, no micro stuttering happening at all.

Thanks for the help and if you need any additional information just let me know.
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  1. This might be a driver issue. Try booting into safe mode, uninstalling all of the Ati/AMD graphics drivers, rebooting into safe mode and installing Catalyst 12.6 or 12.7, and rebooting again.

    Possible causes might be other issues such as malware infections, hardware failing, and more. You could try running memtest on all of yor memory sticks (one at a time) to pretty much rule them out as a cause, running both a Windows disk check and a S.M.A.R.T. disk check to more or less rule out the hard drive and file system, and you could try a deep virus scan of some sort from a bootable live disk to ensure that if you do have malware, it won't cause problems during scanning. A BIOS update might also help.

    If you still have problems, well, there's still plenty of other causes to trouble-shoot such as other hardware failures. The CPU, motherboard, PSU, and more or a combination of them could be failing and you might not know it yet.

    However, considering that it's just the one game, the game data itself might have gotten corrupted somehow. A Re-installation of the game could help rule this out, although this is unlikely if you have BSOD problems even when the game and/or it's data is not being accessed. Your driver might be have data corruption too or instead of the game itself or the problem might be a whole other problem or set of problems.
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