Galaxy GTX 560 Ti shutdown Problem?

So a few days I go I finally got my Galaxy GTX 560 Ti Gc video card.

First I was absolutely amazed by it's performance. But even on the first day I encountered a problem. Since the card was only clocked at 835 and I've seen people go as high as 970Mhz, I decided to just boost it up to 900Mhz. When running the Lost Planet 2 benchmark (DX 11, maxed settings, TEST B) After about halfway through my PC shutdown. It started back up right after with no problem.
I restored it to default settings (Core clock at 835Mhz, and Memory clock at 2000) and thought nothing of it as I went on to further test the capabilities of this card. The problem was very frequent however. It's encountered a few times in Crysis 2 and MANY times in Battlefield 3(Everytime I play it WILL eventually happen between 8-20 minutes of playing). It is worth noting however that it never shuts down when I'm not gaming, ie. Browsing Youtube, checking facebook, watching videos on my desktop. It also has not occured when playing League of Legends, a not-very demanding game.

What I think: From what I know a PC will shutdown to prevent overheating that will damage components so..
It could be Heat Problem with the Card.
It could be my cpu overheating.
It is my PSU becoming hot.
I have a defective card.
My case is too hot.
NOTE* It seems to only happen in games that are graphically intense, hence the heat hypothesis.
NOTE2* It IS summer and it could just be that its really hot.

Important things Worth Noting:
- I have taken out the card, examined it and removing a label sticker ON the card itself and replugged back into my case.
- I have tried underclocking the card to 822Mhz which is the supposed speed before factory overclocked, no avail.
- I managed to glimpse the temperature of my CPU and GPU a second before my PC shutdown - GPU = 69, CPU = 48(degrees).
this is far from the 90+ temperature before it becomes dangerous for GPUs.
- I managed to run Furmark 1.10.1 for 25 minutes on 1680 x 1050, 2xMSAA and capped at a temperature of 88 degrees(My PC did not shutdown)
- I have set the GPU fan from 31-75%, it may or may not(I'm not sure) delay the amount of time before the PC shuts down.
- I have underclocked my CPU from 4.2Ghz to 3.9Ghz, no avail.
- I have felt the card, it IS blazing hot when it just shutdown but idk if it's 70 degrees.
- I have seen artifcats where a colour would flash across the screen however it is very very rare, I think I've only seen it 3 times.

My System:
Zalman Z9 Plus Case
Galaxy GTX 560 ti GC video card
AMD FX-4100 Quad core processor overclocked to 4.2Ghz(Stock heatsink)
Asrock N68C-GS mATX motherboard
8Gb Corsair Vengeance DDR3 memory
Antec High Current Gamer 620W Power Supply
500gb 5900RPM Hard drive

Any Help at ALL is appreciated, I'm hoping to find a solution before having to RMA or replace the card.
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  1. I had a problem with my HD4830 constantly overheating, and shutting itself off. Getting a new fan can help. Usually your GPU shuts down around 95 degrees or higher, so try benchmarking again and keeping an eye on your GPU. Some GPU spec programs do not update while you leave them on the background while you do something else (GPU-Z does that). 70 degrees shouldn't be a problem for graphics cards, but 88 degrees is where you should be concerned. If your GPU temp is averaging 60 or higher without gaming, then it is most likely an overheating problem.
  2. Thanks for the reply.
    The card's idle temperatures are between 35-40 degrees.
    When playing Battlefield 3 or Crysis 2 the temperature caps around 67-71 degrees.
    I use MSI Afterburner to moniter my GPU temps and Core Temp to moniter my CPU temps.
    From what I know Furmark is used as a worst-case scenario so I thought nothing of it when it reached 88 degrees under load.
    Note* - It did take around 15 minutes before it got to that temp.
    When I play games however the temperature never seems to reach that high.
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