GTX 560 SE Vs GTX 460 Vs GTX 460 Superclocked

$135 GTX 560 SE:

$150 GTX 460:

$160 GTX 460 Overclocked:

What would be the best price for performance for these cards?

No SLI and would just play games like League Of Legends and yea...

Googled a lot but not very helpful because people change the subject etc.

Don't want some Radeon crap.

Will be using a 650W PSU that's 80 PLUS Gold

Thank you.
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  1. In term's of price and performance, the GTX 560 SE.
  2. That's so wierd... the GTX 460 was like $115 about two weeks ago.
  3. If the 460 was at that price, getting the 460 would be worth it.
  4. Ummmm thanks for all of the replies, but still need more answers.
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    Get the GTX 460 (336 cores) then overclock it to the OC version.

    Do not get GTX 560 SE (288 cores), thats a fodder card.
  6. I just don't want to void its warranty.
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