Will a Quadro FX 4800 fit in a DELL STUDIO XPS 435MT

I am interested in upgrading the video card in my Dell Studio XPS 435MT. I am using Adobe CS5.5 a lot lately (PS, PPro & AE mostly) so desperately need an upgrade & was hoping to use Quadro FX 4800. I know it's compatible with motherboard but curious if anyone knows whether it will fit in the stock case...card is 4.36" x 10.5" HxL --- Anyone know??? Definitely would like to avoid transplanting into new case
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  1. Fortunately, I got to see the inside of the case thanks to Google.

    It's so big, I don't think you'll be able to clear any cables and the case on the bottom of the motherboard.
  2. Here is link to MB/Case layout
    Technical Overview
    Photo of Dell case opened

    So if the Quadro FX 4800 won't can anyone provide a recommendation for graphics card which would enable GPU acceleration in Premiere Pro & Adobe certified? Any help greatly appreciated, especially from someone familiar with Dell Studio XPS 435MT case. Thanks for your responses & time.
  3. hey just wanted to share this link, looks like the 10.5" Nvidia cards will in fact fit in the 435MT case


    that gives me enough hope to try & fit the card myself. I was planning on going with that same earth watts power supply. How this helps anyone with similar questions like me
  4. Comparing the measurements, you are in fact correct. Glad that you found your solution :)
  5. Hi I've been running a quadro 4500 in my 435mt for approx 2 years now and it's been great - no overheating issues etc - I did upgrade the psu at the time though, but I think everyone did anyway....
  6. Hi,

    My answer is not directly about the 4800 quadro, but hopefully it will add something to this forum, and help you make a decision if you already haven't done so. I'm also a dell 435mt owner.

    I've recently upgraded to a GTX570 MSI Twin Frozr II, and the card fit into the stock case. I noticed that the GPU's intake fans were almost touching the bottom of the case, leaving about 0.5 cm clerance. This raised a little concern, and I decided to track GPU temps using a software. I had 50-60C idle, and 80-90C under load. Some say this is normal, but I went ahead and took the risk of upgrading to a Rosewill CHallenger case, which is a lot larger and fit all of the Dell components nicely and without any issues. As a result my temps went down to 30-40 idle and never went higher then 60 thus far (BF3/CS:GO/Skyrim on Ultra at 1080).

    Although the stock case fits big cards, I would HIGHLY recommend you download a software to check your temps (I use MSI afterburner).

    Sorry if this info is too late, best of luck!
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