Changed CPU to 3770K-cannot get system to boot

I changed the processor on my system to a 3770K from a 3570K today. I didn't touch anything else other than installing a Hyper Evo cooler. This is not my first build.

I cannot get the system to boot at all even with the stock cooler installed. It is the strangest thing I have ever seen.
The two other system fans turn on for a brief period of time, but the CPU fan doesn't even begin to spin..then it shuts down.
I am not sure what may be causing this. Did I maybe damage the motherboard? Shouldn't the CPU fan at least spin even if it was?

The moitherboard I have is

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  1. Try removing the CPU and reseating it. Before you re-install it, inspect for any damage in the socket, as well as any foreign objects (like thermal compound, dust balls, etc.). Then install the heatsink.

    Resetting the BIOS while you have apart would be good as well in case you had an old OC config in place that the 3770 doesn't like.

    Power on afterward. Please let us know of any progress.

    Good luck!
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