Sub-$200 budget, upgrading EVGA GTX470 SC

So my gtx470 has gone the way of the dodo and decided to become a hipster. Video drivers are now uncool, causing boot-loop bluescreens. Gone through the motions, the card is borked.

I have two options. knowing nothing of ATI/AMD cards (last one I owned was a radeon 9800xt) I think I screwed up and bought an HIS 6850... I think I might have screwed the pooch and just spent $150 on a SLOWER card.

Honestly, if I have to switch, I'd like to switch to ATI because their method of "any card works in crossfire, just at the lower speed" would make it much better than trying to hunt down another of the gilded-unicorn that is the 470SC. That's also assuming that for ~$150-175 tops, I can get something that is actually better than the superclocked 470. I'm an overclocker, but only of the CPU, not being particularly savvy or brave enough to try my hand at RAM or GPU's, so the card would remain stock.

But for that money, would I just be better off RMA'ing the HIS and having evga replace/repair my 470? They do have a lifetime warranty, after all. If I can get something equivalent or slightly better, I'd probably go that route, RMA the 470 and give the replacement to a friend.

So, is there a quality, ATI/AMD card out there that can at least provide equal or better performance to a superclocked GTX470 in my price range? Or should I just stick in the HIS while I wait for my GTX to be RMA'd, stick the GTX back in and then RMA the HIS?
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  1. for the moment, I would recommend having evga replace/repair your 470. here's the benchmark comparison of your 470 vs a 7850:

    as you can see, you did indeed buy a slower card. if you mess around a bit, you'll notice that really only a 6950 will get you a small upgrade and that card's not quiet sub $200...

    might even be worth while to hunt down another evga 470 for sli...

    sorry, forgot to mention, the 6870 will be similar in performance with the 470 and be within your price range:

    but I really can't justify someone spending $100+ just to maintain the same performance, especially that card will need an upgrade soon to play modern games at high settings
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