Trouble with phenom x4

My problem is that every time when I put my computer to sleep and later wake it up the processor won't go back to full speed. According to core temp only one of my cores is running at full speed (currently 4.2Ghz 20*210) and the other three cores are running at 840mhz (4*210) which can be seen while playing games as a huge fps drop. I have cool 'n quiet disabled. The clock speeds are restored by rebooting the computer.
My system build is;
amd phenom x4 975 3.6ghz oc:d to 4.2ghz 210*20 1.5v with thermaltake contac 29
asrock extreme 3 870
8gb kingston ddr3 1333mhz cl9
sapphire radeon 6870 gpu
ocz 750w psu
If any one has any idea how to fix this problem please tell me. :)
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  1. i would start by setting the core back to the default settings and then overclock but at a lower speed .
  2. I restored the cpu default settings and the clock speeds still stay down after wake up.
  3. Monitor your temps constantly, run a Prime95 stress test too, it could be that your CPU is overheating causing it to down clock itself.
  4. I ran prime for half an hour and my cpu temp was stuck at 52C.
  5. Did the clock speed still drop?

    Also I'd advise you to use another program just for the sake of confirmation.

    Try downloading CpuZ and see what that says. It's usually most accurate.
  6. check the acpi settings maybe you will need to check on windows update .
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