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Sapphire hd 6870 no signal on msi 807a fuzion motheboard

hi..i`ve just bought sapphire HD6870 1Gb DDR5 from my friend to replace my old HIS 4850...but after i installed it on my MSI 870A FUZION, 6gb corsair memory, TX750M CORSAIR PSU..then turn pc on It`s sound 1 long beep and 2 short didn`t display anything on my BENQ 22" LED monitor when i saw on my LED it`s witten "NO SIGNAL" ...but when i tried using old 4850 it work smoothly without any problem..anyone can help me how to fix it ??? is it PSU, BIOS, or MEMORY issues ??


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    Quick google search brought this up. Considering your computer works fine with no errors with your HD4850, I'm thinking the 6870 you bought from your friend is dead.
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