I have an ACER Aspire 5334, that I purchased in 2009. It has Intel Celeron CPU 900 @2.20 Ghz 2.19 Ghz with 64 bit operating system. Not knowing very much about computers, I did not realize that it is a single core processor. Can I upgrade to a dual core? And if so, how would I do this?
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  1. Celeron 900 is a PGA chip, so that means it should be removeable. According to ACER, that laptop was designed to run up to a Celeron T3100 or t3000 dual core.


    You'd have to find a processor (probably ebay only source), figure out how to disassemble laptop (half the battle) and then replace the CPU, apply new thermal paste and heatsink and reassemble laptop. Give the laptop a good dusting while you are in there. It's a lot easier on a desktop, but with enough determination and patience you can do it.

    The T3100's look overpriced, but there are some T3000 chips for like $5 on ebay.
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