FX-6300 Codenamed Zambezi???

I newly purchased AMD FX-6300 that I ordered from newegg.com is codenamed Zambezi on my CPU-Z. This is incorrect if im not mistaken because it is supposed to be codenamed Vishara...

P.S. My processor came in a jank box (the same one that my FX-6100 came in 5 months ago. My FX-6200 came in a nicer package than my 6300.

Is there a problem here, or am I just tripping out? Iv seen screenshots of other ppl CPU-Z with codename "Vishara"

I couldnt atach the pic to the thread, but any imput would be appreciated!
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  1. Zambezi = Bulldozer
    Vishera = PileDriver

    Does CPU-Z list a model number? Does your Bios?
  2. Im guessing that your version of CPUZ hasen't been updated. They are similar enough that an older version would confuse Zambezi with Vashera.

    As long as it says FX 6300 and runs at 3.6 ghz, your fine.
  3. I dont see a modal number anywhere, but it Idles at 3.5 and turbo's to 3.8
  4. I dont see a modal number anywhere, but it Idles at 3.5 and turbo's to 3.8
  5. sticker on the shitty box says part# FD6300WMHKBOX

    but thats on the sticker that was sealing the box..

    newest version of CPUZ is being used
  6. Is your board interpreting it wrong, perhaps?

    If it is six core and 3.5 Ghz, then it's probably the right chip, being read wrong. Only other options would be FX 6100 (3.3Ghz, FX6200 3.8Ghz)

    How about windows properties page, what does that say? Device manager? DXdiag? Speccy?
  7. What does cpu say the TDP of the chip is?
  8. Vishera is based on the exact same process as Zambezi, just core level changes but essentially a Zambezi 1.1. The difference is abou 7 to 15 Percentiles general performance gains. I am using a ES chip so mine stil says Zambezi and using the latest WINFO and CPUID
  9. I'm still going with confused BIOS or software, but right processor. You have right box, right clock speed and right TDP.
  10. I'm going with right processor too. Unless it's clocks have been messed with, that's an FX-6300 that is being read incorrectly for some reason.
  11. It is a Vishera and don't be to overly concerned about that. As for the FX63XX it is a very nice setup you have the A10 5800k and FX 6XXX parts represent really good value for money.
  12. Indeed they do.
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