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Help with case fans!

I have msi gtx 680 OC and stays very cool under full load (70<) but with heat on my house my room get pretty warm so my computer runs hotter. Is there any simple program or way to increase desktop fan speed? I use msi after burner is there any way to use that to increase desktop fan speed even though its a gpu program?

Maingear F131 SS Z77


i-5 3570K OC @4.4 Maingear epic water cooler

MSI GTX 680 2gb PE OC @1220

RAM 16GB Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3-1600

120GB Corsair Neutron

2TB Seagate® Barracuda
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  1. have you run a program like speedfan to see what speed your fans are running at? You can get it
    HERE -
    I would check those, and make sure that your bios settings isn't throttling them back. If they're running full speed - and tell us what that is and the model and make so we can find the cfm, you might need to get higher rpm with more cfm fans, but they're only going to do so much if your room is hot.
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    You should have a Fan Xpert control program with the Asus AI Suite software that came with the motherboard. You can control case fans that are hooked up to the motherboard fan headers through that. Or you can control them directly from the BIOS.

    No way (well maybe complex) to control the case fan from the graphics fan controller.
  3. I tried speed fan little to complex for me but put so much bloatwear and *** on my computer I would not recommend it. Oh and put ghost files on my pc that took forever to get of. I will try fan xpert from asus and reason it is nor on my pc cause maingear guarantees no bloatware so comes very bare so can I download it from asus? I have everything mobo came with if theres a disk if I need that? Thanks for replys
  4. Yes. You can download it from Asus for the latest version or use the version that came on the CD with the motherboard.
  5. See if your case is big enough for air to circulate nicely

    - If your Air circulation system is horizontal see that your fans are directing the incoming and outgoing air correctly

    - Use high CFM fans such as COOLER MASTER R4-L2R-20AC-GP 120mm Blue LED Case cooler

    - Use a good fan speed control device such as
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  7. redtailed seriously thanks been looking for days for a good program and my mobo already had one lol thanks again and sanilahambre my PC gets pretty got air flow uses the mobo 90 degree turn so 3 fans ******* air in 2 blowing out from top plug gpu fan CPu is liquid cooled
  8. why did it block bl ow ing
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