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So anybody know if this keyboard sweat prove, because im playing intense games and sometimes my fingertips sweat and i dont like that..
And can someone suggest me a better keyboard at price range of 30-70
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  1. TTe Sports.. Although they do not have a sweat proof keyboard they do have keyboards with the option of having a fan attached either on the left or right side which would help eliminate any sweat problem.

    Take a look at this one. http://www.ttesports.com/products/product.aspx?p=3&g=ftr
    Challenger Pro has this option and is also within your price range.
  2. Which keyboard are you talking about?

    The fans on keyboards are a gimmick. Look for a keyboard with laser etched keys so they wont wear off. Any keyboard is sweatproof and it's just plastic at the end of the day.
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