I have a netgear wrg614 connected to a speed stream 4200. I use Windstream as m

I have a netgear wrg614 connected to a speedstream 4200 and have Windstream 6Meg dsl service. The router is connected to my Win 7 64-bit destop via its gigabit ethernet port. I also have a win 7 64-bit laptop that uses wireless g connection. Here is the thing, when I run speedtest on my desktop i get 6.12 download and .74 upload speeds. I get the exact same speed running speedtest on my laptop. I stream Netflix over my Roku and have had no problems even with HD movies. Can you see any reason that I shoud upgrade my router to wireless n? I was looking at the Netgear WNR2000.
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    not really except if you want to increase the transfer speed between two computers.
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