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Would love to have a 'Send to > Quick Launch' on my Right Click menu.
....anyone? ;)
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.customize (More info?)

    What does help say about it? Don't bother answering, I know what it says.

    One thing that may not be in help is to find QL, unlock the taskbar and right click QL's resize bar (on the left of it) and choose Open Folder.

    Still it is a stupid thing to do for anyone with normal motor control. You can just drag your files to QL.

    And you would have to hold down Ctrl + Alt while sending to QL else you'll move the file there rather than create a shortcut. Even dragging you'll need to either use Ctrl + Alt or drag with right mouse button and Choose Create Shortcut on the DragDrop menu.

    <> wrote in message
    > Would love to have a 'Send to > Quick Launch' on my Right Click menu.
    > ...anyone? ;)
  2. Here's how to make a short-cut for Quick Launch in "Send To".

    1. Start Windows Explorer and navigate to...
    C:\Documents and Settings\your User Name\SendTo
    (your User Name is the user account that you use to log into Windows.)

    2. Right-click a blank area inside the SendTo folder and then click New

    > Shortcut

    3. A Create Shortcut window will open.
    In the white space for Type the location of the item: type in...
    "C:\Documents and Settings\your User Name\Application
    Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch"
    and click Next > then click Finish and close Windows Explorer.

    Now when you want to add one of your favorite programs to the Quick
    Launch toolbar;
    just find it in the Start... Programs > menu, Right-click on it, click
    Send To > and shoot it straight to Quick Launch.
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