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Hello guys please help me I recently brought a Zotac NVIDIA GT 520 2GB from a store and now i have installed it and according to zotac the graphics card must have the following specs [...] 57&lang=en

Chipset Manufacturer NVIDIA®
GPU GeForce® GT 520
Core clock- 810 MHz
Stream Processors- 48
Shader Clock -1620 MHz
Memory Clock -1066 MHz
Memory Size -2GB
Memory Interface- 64-bit
Memory Type- DDR3
Memory Bandwidth- 14.4 gbps
OK everything is fine buy when i open gpu z it shows that my memory clock is 533mhz and memory bandwidth is 8.5gbps
So I am confused totally what to do because it is showing the half of the memory clock i should have and half of the memory bandwidth so please help me because half memory banwidth means half performance.
Please Reply soon.............. :D :D :D :D :D :D
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  1. I`ve got this one with 2 gb of memory , but i`ve tried hdmi on my 22" screen and it cannot detect signal , is there an option
    to solve it ?
  2. The reason the memory clock is so low is because you're not using it. run a game it'll go up, it operates at lower speeds because tis not in sue and wants to conserve power. As for the bandwidth, the gt 520 is a DDR3 64bit card, so it doest make a difference, tis a very very, slow card. Only good for low resolutions.
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