Hd 7770 vs hd 6870 vs gtx 560(non ti) vs hd 6850

i have a 20'' LED at 1600x 900
i5 processor
4gb DDR3 ram
Crosrair 550w PSU
which card should i choose to have maxed out performance in games like Crysis II, gta 4, BF3 :ouch:
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  1. I would go with the GTX 560. It should perform the best at Ultra-settings.
    You can forget the AMD cards.
  2. AMD 's are not gud ??? and can u give me fps Table at my resolution in games like BF3
    gta4 crysisII nfs RUN ?? & IS ??
    hd 6870< gtx 560??
  3. Well the 6870 is certainly the most powerfull of them all if you are not into AA
  4. If both hd 6870 & gtx 560 have the same price then ;
    I SHOULD GO WITH..............?????????????????????
  5. I'd personally go with the 6870, it is the most powerful of the cards. 7770 is generally weaker and even though it is new it won't ever reach the power of the 6870. The 560 is pretty good but the 6870 beats it out, just look at the Benchmarks someone posted.

    Go with the 6870.
  6. does any body knws hw many fps will i get on both the cards in gta iv & Asassination Creed ??
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